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Working with travel bloggers in Denmark
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1. Working with travel bloggers Why you should consider it! Kenneth Karl Nielsen Online Marketing Manager Travelmarket A/S

2. About me • KENNETH KARL NIELSEN Online travel professional and travel blogger - has been working both with travel bloggers and as a travel blogger. Age 45  Visited 40+ countries Personal things: “I love traveling as a backpacker – but the standard of hotels has changed in later years.” “Great fan of Southeast Asia – especially Thailand. Florence and Berlin are my favorite European cities.” CV: Online Marketing Manager at Travelmarket since 2000 (sponsor today) - International travel search engine with focus on the Nordic markets Co-founder of Backpacker Planet in 1999 - Community and blog for independent travelers Co-founder of in 2016 - Travel blog with focus on traveling green and local

3. About Travelmarket • TRAVELMARKET A/S International travel search engine with focus on the Nordic markets (Denmark, Sweden and Norway) Facts: Founded 1996 by Ole Stouby – current CEO. Based in Vejle. We want to help our users find the best and cheapest holidays: Our mission is to help the users find, compare and buy the best and cheapest flights, travel deals and hotels in the market. Travelmarket offers advanced, yet easy-to-use, travel search engines as well as an e-book and a travel blog containing useful travel tips and advice. Travelmarket is a free and independent service.

4. What can travel bloggers do for you? • WHAT CAN TRAVEL BLOGGERS DO FOR YOU? - Travel bloggers have a personal and authentic voice in a market, where consumers are bombarded with advertising messages everyday. - Travel bloggers tell stories that evoke emotions and their stories are remembered much better than other types of advertising. Other: - links to your website = SEO - create content for your company - reaching people, that you would not reach otherwise - Your content will live forever - Your message will be shared on social channels

5. How can I work with bloggers? • HOW CAN I WORK WITH TRAVEL BLOGGERS? - Press trips - Product tests - Sponsored posts - Advertising - Affiliate programs - Making content for your company / Guest bloggers - Give aways - Brand ambassadors (usually long term and individual)

6. Which companies can work with travel bloggers? • Which (travel)companies can work with travel bloggers? All companies – if there is a logical connection with the bloggers’ content and audience. - DMOs (Tourist offices) - Travel Agencies - Airlines, Car hire companies and Train companies - Clothes/fashion and gadget/equipment sellers - Restaurants, Hotels, Attractions, Venues etc. and of course Travel Search Engines ? If you have a luxury hotel look for a luxury travel blogger. If you sell outdoor equipment, look for backpacker bloggers and active holiday bloggers.

7. How to choose the right travel blogger • HOW TO CHOOSE THE RIGHT TRAVEL BLOGGER FOR YOUR COMPANY Spend lots of time in this phase. Finding the correct bloggers is essential to having a successful co-operation. 1. The travel blogger’s readers should be the same as your customers 2. The travel blogger’s niche / focus area must match your brand 3. The travel blogger produces quality content (text, photos, video etc.) 4. Ask for information about visits on blog (but focus more on quality) 5. Look at social network presence (Not just fans/followers - look for engagement) 6. The travel blogger should react professionally and be easy to work with 7. Age of blog 8. References on blog of previous partnerships

8. Travel bloggers in Denmark • TRAVEL BLOGGERS IN DENMARK Blogging about travel in Denmark is quite new, which means that the travel bloggers have not yet found their place in the travel industry. A few have been there for years (and are experienced in working with companies) Many are newcomers and do not have much commercial experience (but willing to learn) Some blogs are about travel in general other are niche blogs.

9. Advice for working with bloggers in Denmark • ADVICE FOR WORKING WITH BLOGGERS IN DENMARK - Expect bloggers to be professional (like any other company) - Talk with the blogger about what best for her/his audience - Expect the blogger to provide value to your brand - Test working with a few bloggers before going all in - Compared to traditional media bloggers reach is very low (do not focus on this) - Before starting: Make a clear agreement about who, what, when etc.

10. Should I work with travel bloggers? • SHOULD I WORK WITH TRAVEL BLOGGERS? In my opinion: YES Give it a try, if you can find travel bloggers that match your brand values and if you have a marketing message that will work with travel bloggers. It will take some internal time scanning the market, finding the correct bloggers and making the campaign work. Cost however will probably be low compared to other advertising.

11. Where can I find the Danish Travel bloggers? • WHERE CAN I FIND DANISH TRAVEL BLOGGERS? - ( ) - Facebookgruppen Danske Rejseblogs ( ) - Nordic Nomads ( ) - Nordic Travel bloggers ( ) - Future Travel Massive Events - Blogger conferences like TBEX (In Stockholm i July)

12. Contact me • Kenneth Karl Nielsen 76 43 30 31 // 26 28 17 34 If you want slides – send an e-mail to me. Question

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