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Why Travel Bloggers Love Asia
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With the launch of our Asia tours to India, Nepal, Cambodia and Thailand we thought we’d find out the top reasons to travel around Asia from some of the world’s most prolific travel bloggers.

From Kathmandu to Bangkok, these guys are seriously well-travelled so we’ve also picked their brains for travel tips when it comes to exploring Asia. So, before you book your next Asia adventure tour, find out from the professionals, the ins and outs of travelling Asia.

What’s your favourite thing about Asia?


‘In a world that’s getting smaller, I think cultures are also becoming more similar. But every time I go to Asia I am reminded how many unique places still exist in the world.’ Michael Turtle, @michaelturtle

‘It’s almost like a one stop shop for the 3 essentials; value, culture, beauty.’ – Tess Willcox, @hashtagtravelsociety

‘Asia is such a melting pot of cultures that offer a unique and different experience to anywhere in the western world. Be it the beautiful temples, unending and limitless hospitality and the food’ – Vicky Louise, @maketimetoseetheworld

Why does Asia have such a pull for backpackers?

KATHMANDU, NEPAL - CIRCA DEC, 2014: View of the Patan Durbar Square. One of the 3 royal cities in Kathmandu, a very popular tourist place.

‘A lot of independent travellers have small budgets, and many destinations in Asia boast low-priced accommodation, food and experiences’ – Linda Martin, @indietravel

‘Asia has long been known as a budget traveller’s haven which is the main pull for independent travellers who are looking for ease of travel.’ – Roma & Russell, @roamingrequired

‘Asia really does offer a plethora of different experiences and cultures that offers something for every market – not just backpackers. It is the quintessential destination for travellers who want to immerse themselves in a stunning place without the necessary price tag!’. – Tess Willcox, @hashtagtravelsociety

‘It’s the perfect place to travel solo and have an unforgettable – and potentially life-changing experience. Some continents are too similar to home and don’t offer enough of a challenge, while others may be considered a little too risky for independent vagabonds – Asia is the perfect balance.’ – Sophee Southall, @sopheesmiles

What are the benefits of group tours around Asia?


‘Tours tend to go to the tourist hotspots, so they can be an easy way to see everything you’d like to, without having to organise transport. Plus, they can be a great way to meet like-minded people — as long as you choose the right company!’ – Linda Martin, @indietravel

‘You really can just go with the flow. No need to worry about language skills or reading a map, it’s all done for you!’ – Roma & Russell, @roamingrequired

‘Group tours are great for people who are short on time, but are looking to experience as much as possible’ – Vicky Louise, @maketimetoseetheworld

‘It’s a convenient way to meet cool people and make new friends – if you prefer being around like-minded people with a similar background to your own while travelling through foreign countries, group tours are a great option. The most important and valuable person on any group tour is the guide. Having this resource of local information at your fingertips is a major plus, so ask as many questions as you can!” – Sophee Southall, @sopheesmiles

‘For people who aren’t seasoned travellers, group tours are fantastic to both meet people, and travel with a bit of a safety blanket.’ – Tess Willcox, @hashtagtravelsociety

‘Many parts of Asia don’t have the infrastructure that you find in places like Europe. It can be difficult to get between cities and it can take a long time, but group tours make the whole experience way more relaxing.’ – Michael Turtle, @michaelturtle

What is your top travel tip?


‘Read the reviews but don’t over plan. Book your flights and your first night or two of accommodation, then let yourself go with the flow. Having the freedom to change your plans is one of the highlights of travel’ – Linda Martin, @indietravel

‘Do your research and speak to the experts – they know what they’re talking about’ – Roma & Russell, @roamingrequired

‘Try and bear in mind time, running out is the worst. Ultimately, pick a country and/or a tour that interests you and just do it’ – Vicky Louise, @maketimetoseetheworld

‘Spend more time with locals than fellow travellers. If you show locals a strong desire to immerse yourself in their culture, you’ll be surprised what doors will open up for you. Invitations to family gatherings, help when you need it, new international friends…the possibilities are endless. Help build cultural bridges. Be open-minded, friendly and genuine. Locals will want to learn as much about you, as you’ll want to learn about them.’ – Sophie Southall, @sopheesmiles

‘Asia is an area where the culture and the experiences with local people are just as important as the landmarks. Make sure there is time to eat the street food, explore the markets and walk through the neighbourhoods.’ – Michael Turtle, @michaelturtle

‘Talk to people and engage in their recommendations – the best trips I have taken have been the ones where locals opened up their homes and allowed me to experience traditions and customs through their eyes.’ – Tess Willcox, @hashtagtravelsociety

For information about Travel Talk’s Asia tours to Thailand, Cambodia, India and Nepal commencing in January 2017 check out the website.

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