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OUR SUPPLY CHAIN is globally balanced across many countries and continents, and includes 32 mills worldwide – vertical, captive or partnered. We control our own destiny, to ensure that you have quality goods; on time, every time.?

OUR CONSISTENT PRODUCT OFFERING covers economy levels to luxury, and everything in between, to ensure that you have the choice of goods to fit your budget and life-cycle needs.

OUR STANDING INVENTORY of over $250M in our 12 US service distribution centers holds the deepest stock levels in the industry, with over 40,000 active sku’s. The logistics of our service distribution centers ensures that you receive available goods – anywhere in the world – via the fastest routing; on time, every time.

OUR SHIPPING originates from the closest distribution center to your location, for the best value, every time... and completely free of charge on larger orders.

OUR SAMPLE PROGRAM ensures that you know what you are buying, every time.

OUR ONLINE ORDERING system acknowledges, tracks, confirms and bills your order via email communication throughout the process; to ensure that you know exactly what you are getting, and when. Our system will continually track history to your account, offering on-demand reporting, any time you need it.

Best Textile ValueOUR SUPPORT on product features and specifications includes the arsenal of many mills across the world, to talk directly with you when needed, to ensure that you understand what you may need, and what you are purchasing – all the way to how to launder and care for the product, as well as technical support when you need it.

OUR VALUE-ADDED includes executive consulting and marketing support, to assist you in finding and acquiring the right product for the right job at the right time, on time, every time.

OUR PRICING is very simply, wholesale, all the time, every time. And we take credit cards all day long.

OUR MANAGEMENT has a combined experience of over 75 years in the industry, and our total team is experienced to over 1,060 years in the institutional textile industry.

From guest room to board room, from patient room to operating room, from dining room to bath room, we supply the companies you know, with quality products – on time, every time, every day.

Direct Textile Supply

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