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Travel gogo meets top travel bloggers: Meet Nina & Nikos the famous Greek Instagram couple
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In order to share with you the best travel tips, we meet top bloggers from all over the world. Our CEO Antonis Spyridakis talked with Nina & Nikos a famous Greek Instagram couple. They shared with us their travel tips for Greece, favorite hidden gems in Athens and many other useful things for your next trip to Greece.

1. Hi  Nina & Nikos, it’s our pleasure to host you on Travelgogo. We would like to learn more about you and your Instagram journey.

Thank you very much for this opportunity to talk about our Instagram journey. It all started in London about almost 2,5 years ago.

Nina was working there and I was visiting her every two weeks. After a while, we started splitting the distance by meeting in various cities like Rome, Paris, and Instanbul.

I was flying from Athens and Nina from London and we were meeting at the airport! All these journeys included many photos for our personal use in the beginning. Later on, we decided to share our stories on Instagram! (I didn’t even have an Instagram account before meeting Nina).

2. Which are your favorite alternative destinations in Greece?

There are alternative spots even in the most cosmopolitan places like Mykonos. So you have to explore well every place you visit!

3. Could you please share with us some travel tips for Greece?

Good planning & proactiveness (in order to achieve lower prices)

Passion for traveling

Good company / co — travelers

Limited use of maps because the most beautiful places can be found when you don’t necessarily follow the tips

4. What travel experiences would you suggest to travelers who want to visit Greece and live some unforgettable experiences?

We totally suggest Greece for your next trip. Either it’s winter or summer, there are numerous choices around Greece!

The traveling experiences we would suggest is what we also do when we visit a place. They should live like a local; meaning they should go to places where the Greeks go in their everyday life, eat what we eat, take the metro, strolling around the city & in general try to live the real life and not the touristic one.

5. Last but not least question. Could you suggest us some hidden gems in Athens?

There are a lot of them in the city center. So you need a good pair of sneakers in order to find them on the Dionisiou Aeropagitou street, Syntagma and Plaka.

Thank you Nikos & Nina

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