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Here at Spaceships, we’re always looking for cool travel bloggers to follow. As avid travellers and OZ enthusiasts ourselves, we know how important guidebooks like the Lonely Planet or Rough Guides are. But reading or seeing stories from these travel bloggers is even more fun... And it will want you to book your next trip straightaway.

If you’re planning a trip to Australia, or any other part of the world for that matter, here are some awesome travel bloggers to follow.

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Photobloggers to follow

Photo Bloggers

1. Wandering Lens (Lisa)

We kick off with a great Aussie blogger, Lisa Michele Burns who takes us around the world with her stunning photography. We don’t mean to be photography snobs but blogs with amazing photography such as Lisa’s really does make all the difference. From every crack and every crumble of Rome’s dramatic ruins to the intricate detailing in Marrakech’s magnificent architecture, professional photographer Lisa captures the finest moments of her travels. She is a must-follow travel blogger without a doubt.

Best for

Mind-blowing photography and some thought-provoking accounts of lone travel across all corners of the globe.

Countries covered

There are no limits to Lisa’s travel portfolio, but some of her best posts have featured Italy, Morocco, Japan, France and of course, the one and only Oz.

Follow Lisa

Lisa’s blog has RSS sign up for those who don’t want to miss a beat. But for the more interactive readers, you can also follow her adventures on Instagram @the_wanderinglens

2. It's Worth a Shot (Matt)

Matt is another outstanding photoblogger from Australia. His photography is technically brilliant, seamless in its execution, and simply unmatched by any other blogger in the sphere. We love his work and his depiction of beautiful Oz makes him King of this country when it comes to blogging.

Best for

Budding photographers who want to follow in the footsteps of a great photographer and Photoshop genius. Matt took a basic photography course but has since been a self-taught success and he often shares tips and tutorials on his blog.

Areas covered

Matt takes us through the spectacular journey through New South Wales, Tasmania, and the Queensland region of Australia.

Follow Matt

To no surprise, Matt is a big deal on Instagram @itsworthashot and his images always create a serious stir on social media. Or check out his website

3. Everything Everywhere (Gary)

Gary Arndt is no stranger to these lists. He’s an old-timer when it comes to awards and accolades. Nonetheless, he’s still an inspiration for those looking for top travel bloggers to follow in 2015. But beyond the countless photography awards Gary has accumulated over the years, what really makes his blog great is the strength of both his writing and his photography. Boy, this man can shoot. And boy, this man can write.

Best for

People looking for everything from stories of one man’s jaunts to serious advice from an experienced traveller. Or just inspiring images to help decide your next destination.

Countries covered

Gary sold his house in 2007 and has been on the go ever since. He’s one of the most experienced travel bloggers in the world and he has ventured to all 7 continents and seen over 170 countries. A true travelling hero of today.

Follow Gary

You can keep up to date with Gary’s next big adventure on

4. My Life's A Trip (Jen)

Jen Pollack Bianco is a writer for the Los Angeles Times and the New York Times, and it’s her work which mostly takes her places. But she admits that it’s not always work that inspires her to jet off and her blog shows us her passion for travel, writing, food and photography – four things we just love here at Spaceships. She also features ‘A Picture Per Day’ to give a daily taster of life as a travel writer.

Best for

Readers looking for great writing and great photography combined. And also a brilliant blog for those interested in mobile photography – there’s a whole section dedicated to travel images taken on Jen’s phone.  

Countries covered

From Paris to Namibia, Sydney to Montana, Jen takes us everywhere and anywhere her work takes her.

Follow Jen

Mobile photography is a serious passion of Jen’s. She is a double iPhone Photo Awards winner and some of her Instagram images have been featured on the cover of TIME Magazine’s Wireless issue. So make sure you follow this talented blogger on Instagram @lax2nrt or on her blog MyLifesATrip.

Foodie bloggers to follow

Food Travel

5. Hungry Australian (Christina)

Oz is a great country for amazing food, fine dining and gastronomical delights. So it’s no wonder that we’ve given birth to an amazing food blogger, Christina Soong. Christina is not only a travel blogger but she’s also a fantastic cook and shares her mouth-watering recipes online as she travels. We’re drooling just at the thought of it…

Best for

Travel enthusiasts who take a special interest in food. If you’re passionate about recipes from around the world, The Hungry Australian is undoubtedly one of the best blogs you can follow online.

Countries covered

Christina follows her food cravings around Oz and takes us on her incredible journey through the power of beautiful photography. From Brisbane to Melbourne, memories from Christina’s time in Shanghai, or a postcard from Malaysia, this blog covers Australia and beyond.

Follow Christina

For delectable delights on a daily basis, follow Christina on Instagram @thehungryaustralian or on her blog

6. Behind The Food Carts (Kim & Phil)

For something completely different, follow Kim and Phil of Behind The Food Carts, a blog dedicated to frequent trips to food carts around America. If fine dining and food snobbery don't interest you, follow these guys for an honest and eye-opening account of some of the best foods created on wheels. Not only that, but you get to meet the amazing people behind these businesses. A truly unique approach to food/travel blogging.

Best for

Real food for real people for anyone travelling the U.S. You will also be moved by the stories which focus in on the people behind the food carts; step into Kim and Phil’s world of food cart hunting and you’ll feel as though you’re travelling and tasting everything with them. Very inspiring.

Areas covered

The blog started out in Portland, OR but has since explored other areas of America including San Francisco, Sane Jose and Los Angeles.

Follow Kim and Phil

Keep up to date with Kim and Phil’s food cart travels on

7. Eat Your World (Laura & Scott)

Simple yet stunning photography, clear and concise guides on where and how, and a strong focus on seeking out real, traditional food from faraway places. Laura Siciliano-Rosen and Scott Rosen set the world to rights, getting to the heart of each nation, each city, each region – and report back on the best haunts for authentic cuisine. We worship their style and we’re sure you will too.  

Best for

Genuine local food tip-offs anywhere in the world. If you don’t want to get caught in the tourist trap restaurants, there really is no better guide than Eat Your World. This blog walks you through fine dining venues to street food delights, leaving no stone unturned. As long as it’s authentic, it’s edible.

Countries covered

Everywhere and anywhere. From vast areas of North and South America, countless cities in the UK and Europe, and parts of Africa and Asia, Laura and Scott have eaten their way through over 130 destinations. Pretty impressive, guys.

Follow Laura and Scott

Follow Scott and Laura as they eat their way around the globe and follow their exploits on

Australian bloggers to follow

Oz Bloggers

8. Maps and Mandalas (Oceana)

Maps and Mandalas started out as Barefoot Beach Blonde but has now evolved into this new travel blog with "better design, better content, more consistency and creativity", as blogger Oceana explains on the new site.

Perhaps it’s her Aussie roots, perhaps being raised in the tropical clime, or perhaps it’s just a part of her colourful personality. Whatever it is, we love Oceana Setaysha’s depiction of Australia. No-one portrays it quite as vibrantly as her.

Best for

Anyone looking for a candid outlook on travelling Oz. If you’re a people person, you’ll find it incredibly easy to connect with Oceana’s playful turn of words and her frank photo accounts.

Areas covered

Oceana has travelled across the whole of Australia with her family since she was a little nipper. So she’s a genuine first-hand expert. On her blog, she’ll take you through Darwin, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and some of Australia’s tropical islands.

Follow Oceana

Lose yourself in Oceana’s charm and follow this Australian travel blogger on

9. Pommie Travels (Victoria)

Step inside the mind of a British expat and follow the footsteps of Pommie Travels blogger, the Manchester born and bred Victoria. But with a hate of cold weather and rain, Victoria soon found herself getting addicted to travelling. She’s been to over 30 countries so far but it seems that a number of cornerstones in her life have always brought her back to Oz, where she experienced her first stint of travelling after graduating from university.

Best for

Oz travel advice from a British-born traveller. But Victoria’s travel posts aren’t limited to Australia only so you can get a taste of Europe or South East Asia too.

Areas covered

Victoria has travelled to Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Turkey, Greece, France, Italy, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Austria, Germany, Slovenia and more. The list goes on…

Follow Victoria

Get to know this Manchester-born pommie girl and catch her on

10. Y Travel Blog (Caz & Craig)

Travel blogs may be inspiring but they’re not always easy to relate to, especially if you have a family. But Caz and Craig from Y Travel Blog make it their mission to make all of their travel posts relatable to all – because against the odds, they show that it’s still possible to travel with kids and commitments. This wonderful pair, husband and wife, and parents to two young children, break the typical ‘lone travel blogger’ mould and prove that life does not end after kids. In fact, it begins.

Best for

Parents who are desperate to travel and want to find out how to do this with young children or teens.

Countries covered

Caz and Craig have posted over 326 articles on Australia and the South Pacific. But they have also written about North and South America, Europe, Asia and vast areas in Africa and the Middle East.

Follow Caz and Craig

If you’re a parent looking for inspiration on how you can travel more, don’t miss the opportunity to connect with this motivating pair. Find Caz and Craig on

Inspiring female bloggers

Inspiring Women

11. Never Ending Footsteps (Lauren)

From the tender age of 16, Lauren Juliff suffered multiple anxiety disorders. From having panic attacks several times a day to not being able to leave the house, Lauren’s life spiralled out of control by the age of 18. In the space of a year, Lauren went to lose her job, her boyfriend, her friends and her appetite. But this incredible British-born travel blogger shows us how she’s turned it around through her love of travelling. What a truly beautiful blog by a truly beautiful writer.

Best for

Anyone whose anxiety sets them back when it comes to travelling. Naming herself a “walking disaster, Lauren makes no secret of her anxiety. Her writing also displays great evidence of her ongoing bravery; having been scammed, assaulted, robbed, caught in a tsunami, and having fallen into rice paddies infested with leeches, this girl is still standing. 

Countries covered

Lauren has travelled 50 countries, many of these in Asia and Europe. She’s also traversed many parts of Oz and parts of America, Africa and the Middle East.

Follow Lauren

If you admire Lauren’s bravery on as much as we do, don’t forget to connect with her on social media so you can let her know. You can find this heroic, fearless spirit of a travel blogger on Twitter @NEFootsteps.

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