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Travel Bloggers Reveal: What Is The Best Month To Visit Thailand?
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What is the best month to visit Thailand, you may wonder. The weather and seasons of the year are much different than the ones we know from Europe or other parts of the world. Thai people don’t know what winter feels like, for many of them “very cold” day starts when the temperature falls below 20 degrees Celcius or 70 F. The weather is so different I didn’t know at first what is the best month to visit Thailand.

Seasons of the year in Thailand are:

Cool and dry season – lasts more or less from November to February. Temperatures are mild – which still means around 30 degrees Celsius / 86F in Bangkok), it rains very rarely. It’s the highest touristic season all around the country.

Hot and dry season – lasts more or less from March till May. It gets hot and temperature may exceed 40 degrees Celsius / 100 F, it doesn’t rain often.

Hot and wet (rainy season) – lasts more or less from June till October. It gets humid, it often rains heavily.

That’s the theory of Thai weather which gives you one clear answer to what is the best month to visit Thailand: any between November and February. However, does theory meet real life? Should you avoid hot or wet season?

I asked other travel bloggers who visited Thailand in different seasons to share their experience and tell us what is the best month to visit Thailand in their opinion. They describe Thai weather they experienced for us – and I hope it does give you a better picture than temperature tables and rain charts

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