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Switzerland is first and foremost a winter travel destination and the summer is also a popular time to visit.

But don’t ignore the fall, for Switzerland also reaches heights in the fall.

Switzerland’s Top 5 Fall Highlights

1.) It’s The “Tweener” Season. In sports, a “tweener” is used to describe a player who is in size or skill between two positions. In Switzerland, it means that the fall (and the spring) is between its two high seasons. The primary advantages to visiting during these times are less crowds and better hotel and sightseeing prices.

2.) See The Cities. The fall is a perfect time to visit Switzerland’s cities. They are not as busy as the other times of the year but are still vibrant. in particular likes Basel and Zurich and there is also Lucerne, Lausanne, Winterthur and the capitol city of Bern.

Zermatt Switzerland village

The weather is good and crowds are thin in places like Zermatt.

3.) Uncrowded Main Tourist Attractions. Sure, it’s not ski season or the warmest weather time to visit Interlaken, but you can avoid crowds in places like Zermatt – home of the Matterhorn – and St. Moritz.

4.) Visit The Wine Country. This is an excellent time to visit Switzerland’s wineries. Yes, Switzerland has wineries! Unlike, say, Napa Valley, there’s no organized tours so you’re free to do it on your own, by train, boat or even on a bicycle. For more, go to PubClub’s Lake Geneva Wineries Guide.

5.) The Weather Is Good. PubClub has been in Switzerland in late September and can report the weather was perfect. Temps were in the low 70s in the cities, it was not cold or even cool at night and the sun was out for the most part. The weather was ideal for hiking in the Alps (which we did) and touring the cities (which we did, as well).

So you see, Switzerland is not just a winter or summer destination. Go in the fall and you may just fall in love with the place.

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