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Top 10 Best New Zealand Travel Bloggers To Get You Inspired
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Right now is the most accessible time to travel the world. Never has it been easier to purchase a ticket online and be on a plane the next day. It’s because of this frictionless experience that has opened people and aspiring travellers to the world.

Running parallel to the ease of travelling is also starting a website. Currently one can start a website in under 5 minutes and start sharing their thoughts, views and photos to the world. Especially travel bloggers!

I mean who doesn’t dream of becoming one right? So if you are thinking of becoming a travel blogger, or are just looking for some inspiration, I have rounded up what I believe are the best New Zealand travel bloggers who I read daily.

Lets get stuck in!
Top 10 Best New Zealand Travel Bloggers

1. The Global Couple

We all make ambitions plans with our significant other to travel around the world, try exotic food and meet new people in strange lands. But let’s face it, only a few of us are able to conjure the energy, make the time and put up with schedules that may seem gruesome.

It’s because of these challenges that the Global Couple tops my list of New Zealand Travel Bloggers, simply because they give the term Couple Goals a whole new meaning.

Petra and Shaun are a mid-20s couple and travel around the world, that too on a budget, with the prime objective of having fun. Their exploits include bungee jumping off Canadian bridges to Scuba diving in Thailand to Helicopter rides in New York. You can visit their website to get a complete picture of their travels, tips and other exciting information.

2. Tiki Touring Kiwi

Jub, alias Tiki Touring Kiwi is another NZ travel blogger who loves to travel around the world, exploring new cultures, especially sporting activities. This blogger graduated in 2010, and from thereon lived in a few cities before getting in touch with his passion to travel.

Next, he went on hiking trips, explored nearby Pacific countries, and then became an enthusiastic travel blogger. His blogs are usually sports centric, revolving around playing rugby, soccer, golf, etc. in other countries and unnatural terrains. He has a clear rule of avoiding political debates and has even suggested sports as a way to promote world peace!

3. Young Adventuress

Liz Carlson is the person behind the Youngadverteruss blog, a virtually endless place filled with beautiful portraits of amazing architecture, nature and people. Liz started the blog in 2010 when she was about to move to Spain. In order to keep the spark alive in her life she decided to become a professional nomad. She worked as an English teacher all over Spain, all the while keeping her travelling alive.

Understanding the prospects of this path, she turned to full-time travel blogging and moved to New Zealand. She now lives in the mountain town of Wanaka and often shares surreal photos of mother nature, as well as her frequent trips n’ tours.

4. Bare Kiwi

Kyle, the Bare Kiwi is an NZ Instagram King, has a fully functional travel blog and an enticing YouTube channel with 35000 followers. His blog has five categories namely, Scenic, Wildlife, Cultural, Adventure and Pure Awesome. From scenic portraits to travel tips & tricks, the blog has it all.

Kyle has been to almost all major attractions in the world, e.g. the Taj Mahal in India, Northern Lights in Canada, Queensland beaches in Australia to name a few. He really is the person to follow if you want to incite the spark of travelling within yourself as well, and this is why he makes to our list of top New Zealand travel bloggers.

5. Albon Adventures

Albon Adventures is the brainchild of Rhonda Alborn. She’s from New Zealand and is passionate about photography, stories and humor. Her blog covers the collective travels of her family, and in total has posts about 54 countries they have visited.

For Rhonda, this is more than a hobby. She has groomed herself for this path ever since her days in academia, acquiring degrees pertaining to journalism and MBA.

She is currently working on a non-fiction book of her own, due to be released soon. Not only is she a part of our list of top New Zealand travel bloggers, she’s won several awards for her work from platforms such as Feedspot, Camper Champ, Savepedia, etc.

6. Migrating Miss

Migrating Miss is a travel blog that includes not only beautiful photos of different cities, but also amazingly helpful literature regarding traveling to these lands. The blog is run by Sonja who’s got a degree in Law and Criminology. She’s lived in various places including the US, Canada, Scotland and Spain, other than NZ.

Whilst living here, she has utilized every possible opportunity to cover maximum land area and visit wonderful sceneries. In total, she’s been to 40 countries, and even lets her audience know about her current whereabouts and upcoming adventures.

7. Broken Limitz

The travel blog does have an interesting ring to it, doesn’t it? The blog is run by a 30-year old Kiwi named Phil, whose been at work (travel!) for the past 3 years. Phil loves to visit every single place, as long as there’s a new experience waiting, from beaches to metropolises.

His life story is quite interesting too, dropping out of high school and then making his way as a carpenter. His outlook to life changed abruptly after reading the book, “The 4-hour work week”. He instantly quit his job, booked a ticket and was on his way to his crazy adventures.

8. The World on My Necklace

The World on my Necklace is not just a travel blog but one that gives a complete insight into the life of the blogger, Katie. Being from New Zealand, she always had a nag for travelling but was always putting it off for the same reasons we do. Nonetheless, she got out of the vicious cycle and started travelling 14 years ago. As expected, she claims she lives a much happier and healthier life now.

As of today, she’s been travelling constantly for the last three years, working as a Digital Nomad to keep her tummy full. The level of commitment shown to travelling by this Kiwi earns her a spot on the list of best New Zealand travel bloggers.

9. Jon is Travelling

Jon was never satisfied by the idea of a “real” job, so as soon as he finished up his University, he left NZ. From there on, he pursued teaching in Taiwan, moving onto Singapore, before he had enough money to fulfill his passion. Since 2014, he’s worked as nomad, moving from country to country, making the most out of his time. Not only does he have a lively blog, he also has strong following over Instagram.

10. Anita Hendrieka

Anitahendrieka is a travel blog about a 23-year old woman who regularly shows her viewers that there’s no lower age limit to travelling. She left at 19, bought a one-way ticket to London, and from thereon has been strolling the world. She’s spent most of her time in London, working and even falling in love. Today, she maintains a strong presence online through her website, Instagram and Facebook.
Want To Start Your Own Travel Blog?

So if you want to kickstart your website journey, you can check out my top 5 best NZ web hosting reviews that will allow you to start your very own website within minutes. Best of all is that all of these webs hosts are extremely affordable for Kiwis and all are compatible with WordPress which is the worlds largest blogging platform.

As I touched on above, right now is that easiest time ever to build your very own website. Not only can you share your passion, but there is also the possibly of making it your full time job. Just look at the people above!

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