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The booming tourism sector, along with the major sport events, is driving a strong investment in Japan's Hotel sector.

Japan targets 40 million inbound tourists by 2020, they loosened the restrictions on tourist visa and opened up the door to tourists. Japan will host some of the world's top sport events such as Olympics, Paralympics, Rugby Union World Cup. The occupation rate and per room revenue figure is Japan ranks among the best in Asia, it all resulted as the top hotel investment honeypot in Asia. Investors have been building or renovating hotels and resorts across the country. In the three major markets  Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto - the number of hotel rooms is expected to increase by 38% between 2017 to 2020. Tokyo remains tightly supplied, with a shortfall of around 3,500 rooms. 80,000 new hotel rooms will open in Japan's eight major cities by the end of 2020.

With the technologies and innovations taking place, hospitality business is becoming more technology-driven. Hotel Owners and Operators in Japan still face many challenges.

Accommodation needs will be redefined by travellers' preference for experiences rather than goods. With 90% of new supply consisting of limited-service hotels, of which 50% comprise of business hotels, new hotel supply is unbalanced. Many of the existing properties have aged, with a lack of modern facilities. Travelling from emerging markets’ expectation are harder to meet than before, with the mass application of digital technologies, hoteliers needs to stay in trend and equip their facilities and management methodologies with digitalized tools as well. Hotels seeking to remain competitive must respond to tourists’ changing preferences and increasingly diverse requirements. Ultimately, hotels will need to improve the quality of lodging experience, rather than solely provide a place to stay.

Hospitality Japan Conference serve as the one and only Closed-door summit for strategic decision makers in Japan’s Hotel industry to share knowledge and innovations and forge business relationship  

This event unites 150+ Top Level Executives from Government Officials, Investors, Property Owners, Consultants, Designers, Hotel Operators, EPC contractors and suppliers under one roof. Topic of the event include:

1.Tourism Investment and Policies

2.Hotel Market & Performance Studies

3.Potentialities in Second and Third Tier Cities

4.Partnerships between Owners and Operators

5.Upcoming Expansion and Renovation Projects

6.Green Hotels & Smart Facilities

7.Co-living & Co-working, Whether it Will be the Next Big Thing in Travel

8.Automation & Technology Improvement Facilitating Capsule Hotels and Limited Service Hotels

9.Wellness Tourism on the Rise

10.Property Lifecycle Management

11.The Future of Hospitality: Experiential Design

12.New Industry Trends Including Hotels Partnering with Lifestyle Brands

13.Opportunity in Branded Residences and Luxury Resort

14.Digital Transformation and Connected Hotels

15.Driving Revenues by Enhancing Guest Experiences

This will also be a small exhibition of around 20 suppliers of hotel solutions and technologies, including hotel facilities, green solutions, building technologies, hotel distribution solutions, smart devices and more. The event is the ideal platform to connect and reconnect with the hotel industry decision makers from Japan and aboard and stay inspired.

Hospitality Japan Conference(HJC) is part of Escom’s Hospitality Asia Series Events, which is a recognized leading event brands for Hotel and Property industry in Asia. The series events is taking place in China, Indonesia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines and Australia annually. The brand is created and owned by Escom Events in Hong Kong.

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