Craving for a post Lockdown trip? The Landmark London is reopening its doors and spreading out their arms to welcome everyone, for their luxurious staycation experience in London, with a wide range of packages to suit every need. Whether you are looking to spend some quality time with your full family or looking for an exotic holiday experience which is equivalent to vacationing abroad in an exotic location or want to beat the lockdown blues with the most extravagant wellness retreat in the five-star setting, there is a package for all, that will meet all expectations.

Offering a tailored bubble bath, to a beauty minibar, for all your beauty needs and essentials to a family treasure hunt through the Marylebone neighborhood, along with the most delectable tropical cocktails, you will not regret your stay in the Landmark London.

Reopening of Landmark London hotel brings greater responsibility and concerns due to the current scenario. The Hotel is reopening its doors, keeping in mind and with strict accordance with the government guidelines, following safety measures. That is not all, new safety measures include contactless check-in ensuring that the wellness of the guest is their only priority. The Landmark London is dedicating itself to protect and care for not only their guests but their staff also. Hence, their safety measures include thorough sanitization, practicing social distancing, frequent hand sanitization, along with advanced and enhanced cleaning methods, throughout the hotel.

At Landmark London, great importance is given to the safety of staff and Guests. Ensuring the safety of the staff will ensure the safety of the guests, hence, the four pillars of safety and sanitization, as discussed above. It is time to have some quality time with the family and break the monotonous lockdown blues . The Landmark London is a perfect getaway from the mundane lockdown life and to spend some quality time with the family, in their luxurious, property, and spacious family suites.

The design of the family rooms is most impressive where two adults and two children, up to the age of twelve can comfortably stay together. The luxurious room also includes a lounge and a desk. That is not all, the Family Fun Package also includes a bespoke Landmark Teddy Bear, headlamps, and a tent for the families to enjoy an indoor campout that too from the comfort of their rooms. As an additional add on you can opt for an optional Treasure Hunt through the neighborhoods of Marylebone.
The family can enjoy a traditional English breakfast in the comfort of their rooms, or they can choose to have their breakfast in the Hotel’s Stunning Garden Restaurant, together.

There are other packages also, by the Landmark London, that are as exciting as the Family Fun package. Feel free to walk in and choose the package that caters to your needs and luxuries without giving a second thought to your health and the sanitization.

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