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Reasons to Write a Hotel Review
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Will not find on the hotels own website. Why not offer some tips for working the rooms thermostat or give hints on the menus highlights? Don’t be shy; let everyone benefit from your experience; a personal point of view is invaluable when you write a hotel review.

Write a hotel review to keep search engines unbiased

When you decide to post a hotel review on a website you are helping to ensure that major search engines work with comments made by genuine customers and travelers. Rather than simply being swamped by the words of hotels and their shills, the internet can be a platform for travelers and customers to be heard.

Write a hotel review with constructive criticism

Being honest is, obviously, the most important thing when you write a hotel review We’ve all been there at one point or another; travelling to a place we’ve never visited before and would really love to get some feedback from people who have been there before so that we can make an informed decision about where to stay. Looking at hotel website can give you a basic idea of their ethos and image, but it won’t get you any behind-the-scenes information and certainly not the gritty details that previous guests can offer.

This is why you should always write a hotel review once you have stayed at a hotel; someone like you will be very thankful that you have.

Here are some of the other great reasons to write a hotel review for a hotel you’ve stayed in…

Write a hotel review to compliment staff members

When you have a good experience in a hotel, especially if you find a particular staff member helpful, a review can be a great way to say thank you. If you recognize a staff member specifically they could get praise, rewards, or even a raise based on the reviews which previous customers have left.

Write a hotel review to help guide other travelers

Honest feedback about your stay is one of the most useful tools that a fellow traveler could ask for; after you stay somewhere you are equipped with knowledge that future guests meant for others to gain some insight, but major complaints should first and foremost taken up with the hotel management. This gives them the chance to rectify the issue for you, and any reputable company will wish to do just that! If, however, you have already tried to deal with it through the hotel and they have been no help this is something you might wish to discuss (as objectively as possible) in your review.

So- after your next hotel stay, why not get online and write a hotel review?

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