New Boutique Hotel To Take Public Parking Spots Downtown

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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - The new Hilton Tapestry hotel will open in 2021. It’ll be housed in the Commerce Center building at 1st Avenue and Richard Arrington, Jr. Boulevard. Right now, their plan is to offer 100% valet services to its guests with parking spots on the other side of Morris Avenue and some near the hotel.

“A lot of times when hotels go in a downtown area like this, they’ll work with either city-owned decks, public decks or even private decks and lease a certain number of spots,” says Ty West with the Birmingham Business Journal.

Online, people have expressed strong views on the amount of parking downtown, and the dire need for more. So how big of an impact will this have on parking spots for everyone else? Ty West with Birmingham Business Journal seems to believe it won’t be not much, since most guests will likely use ridesharing services.

"With this being a boutique hotel targeting primarily upscale and business travelers, I don't think this hotel alone would be creating a huge number of issues in that area," says West.

He does believe parking has gotten more cramped with the building of more condos in the area. Meanwhile, city council member Darrell O’Quinn wants to remind everyone of the near-8,000 parking spots located across nine parking garages around town that people seem to avoid.

“We’re very much a car-oriented city. And people, especially folks who drive into the city center from the suburbs, they’re used to parking a few feet from the door,” says O’Quinn.

O’Quinn says they just upgraded to LED lights in those garages for safety purposes, and most if not all garages offer at least the first hour of parking for free.

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