London Just Opened Its First Cheese-Themed Hotel

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Few foods are as universally loved as cheese. France has built a whole tourism industry around the beloved dairy product, while restaurants and hipster cafes continue to compete for the title of Best Cheeseboard; factoring in the arrangement of the spread, the functionality of the knife, the assortment of cheeses on hand, and just how 'grammable' it is for customers. Make no mistake: cheese is big business. 

We've come a long way from the packed string cheese of our primary school recess days, so much so that to declare yourself an adult is to be able to not only sniff the pungent aroma of a blue cheese but also swallow the cheese with the same enthusiasm of a wine connoisseur taking to a merlot. For many, cheese is the ultimate indulgence. And with so many varieties, we feed our appetitite for the delicious product regularly, changing up from a brie to a fetta to a camembert.  

If, like Eunice in She's The Man, you can only respond to the question of "Do you like cheese?" with the breathy answer: "More than any other animal by-product," then you might just be in luck. Not to be outdone by Taco Bell-themed resorts and video game-inspired hotels, London has now opened its first cheese-themed hotel. 

Created by Cafe Rouge, the cheese-themed hotel boasts a relatively simple origin story, one that saw it conceived merely as "a homage to fromage." Called The Cheese Suite, the hotel is draped from top to bottom in yellow decor inspired by the food. Yes, you're not wrong - everything from the pillows to the soap in the bathroom is based on cheese. That even includes the bedsheets, walls, and dairy-based board games. And if your hankering for cheese is so severe that you fear you might perish should you go more than a few minutes without it, there's a cheese and crackers delivery hotline. 

All jokes aside, it's hard not to see this hotel as anything but a genius invention. Research suggests that in Britain alone, 700,000 tonnes of cheese is consumed annually, making it a favourite indulgence for most Brits (perhaps even more so now, while they eat their feelings following the Brexit debacle). 

Jacqueline Fletcher, head of marketing at Cafe Rouge, said in an interview, "We wanted to give the nation somewhere new and exciting to be totally immersed in one of their favourite foods in none other than a cheese themed hotel, while also trying some of our winter dishes from the comfort of the sofa." This new menu features everything from Breaded Camembert to Three-Cheese Croques and Cheese Afternoon Tea.

But in sad news for the cheese fiend, the Cheese Suit in Camden is only a temporary pop-up. While it was created by Cafe Rouge to celebrate its fromage-filled winter menu, it will only be running until Wednesday, February 6. 

Nevertheless, if you fancy a trip to London and want to take in the vibrancy of the Cheese Suite and all of the gastronomic delights it has to offer, you can win a free night stay for yourself and a guest. To enter, simply head to Cafe Rouge's website and proceed to fill in the details, crossing your fingers and toes and praying to the cheese gods that it will be you nestling your head on the fluffiness of a cheese pillow.

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