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Light and Lighting for Hotel and Restaurants
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Light plays an important part in the comfort & safety of the occupant of building. Like color, texture pattern, lighting contributes to the decor of the room

Light can be defined as form of energy that enables eye to see.

A good lighting designs is realized if

All spaces ( entry, work area, public area, exist etc. are composed properly in an clear hierchy of importance & purpose.
Make it possible to see quickly without stain.
It promotes the productivity.
Eliminates hazards
It is really maintainable
It is the energy saving
It is fully utilizes the potential of daylight when available.

Types of lighting

Lighting are of 4 types. They are as follows

a) Direct lighting
b) indirect lighting
c) semi direct lighting
d) Diffused lighting

Direct lighting- Direct lighting is where the light is directed straight from the bulb into the room. It is the type that is produced by most table & floor lamps . It is the light which shines directly to the room area.

Indirect lighting- It is where all lights are directed on to the ceiling or wall from which is reflected back into the room.

Semi direct lighting- It is where some of the lights are directed into the room & some is allowed to be directed reflected from the ceiling.

Diffused lighting-   it is where the bulb or the light source is completely enclosed & lights are diffused through a translucent shade or material.
Natural light & artificial light for hotel lighting

Though only 10% of normal day light enters a room, it is still brighter than artificial lights. Colors look different in day light compared to artificial lights.

The advantages of day lights are as follows

It costs nothing except the cost of providing windows.
It is natural
Because it varies according   to the time of the day & passing clouds, it is the soothing & kinder to the human eye.

Disadvantages of day light

Daylight doesn’t uniformly illuminate a room
Daylight is not available through out the day.
Brilliant sunshine fades some color & rots some materials.
The heat from the sun rays cause discomfort.

Advantage of artificial light

Available at any time of the day
Varieties of lights are available.
Easy to install

Disadvantage of artificial light

Artificial light are chargeable
They are not uniform quality so maker & supplier should be reputable.
The light does not mix comfortably with the day light.

Types of day artificial light,

There are various types of artificial lights they are as follows

Florescent tubes
Reflector filament lamp
Filament bulbs

Different types of lighting used in various areas of hotel

a) Entrance & lobby- The area should be well lit & illuminated. The type of lighting that can be used are high power pendant lighting chandelier illuminated ceiling lighting wall & false ceiling. This is done to create an atmosphere of welcome & cheer so that the guest can fell warmth welcome.

b) Reception desk- This area should always be well lit but not very brightly The lighting can be done by light fittings or lights can be provided along the panel   on top of the counter. This is done to attract the guest attention towards the counter when he enters the lobby.

c.) Bars & lounges- In the lounge pools of soft lights from the table lamp, make this area welcome & attractive by creating small focal points.

d) Restaurant-   These are often dimly lit to create an atmosphere but there should be attractive pool lights.

e) Function rooms- Since these are used for variety purpose like conference meeting   exhibition private parties, etc, good general lighting should comes from all the ceiling.

f) Rooms- They should be well lit but not brightly. Generally lights are not required in the room because separate lighting is provided in different places of the room.

g) Bathroom – Bathroom should be properly illuminated. The lighting used should be vapor prof & should have covering.

h) Stair case- Stair cases should be well illuminated to prevent accident. The lighting used in the different places along the wall, below the handrail, or overhead lighting along the wall.

i) Corridor- The area should be provided with enough lighting & should not be dark. The lighting should be enough to see the room no on the doors.

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