Jennifer Lopez, DJ Khaled Go On Wild Hotel Chase In Super Bowl Ad

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In the lead-up to her Super Bowl LIV halftime performance, Jennifer Lopez appeared in a new ad for the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Miami, alongside other Floridian celebrities like her fiancé Alex Rodriguez, DJ Khaled and more.

The spot was directed by Michael Bay (who makes a cameo near the beginning), and depicts a masked DJ Khaled stealing J-Lo’s “bling cup” from her hotel room, right before she’s scheduled to head to the Super Bowl. Lopez gives chase to Khaled throughout the hotel, getting assistance from Pitbull and Steven Van Zandt along the way. The ad ends with a “gotcha!” moment featuring A-Rod.

DJ Khaled told Rolling Stone that he originally wasn’t supposed to play the villain in the spot. “They sent me the treatment, and I had a great part. But then they hired Michael Bay to direct it. Michael Bay found out I was in the commercial, and he said, ‘Hold up. Khaled! It has to be J-Lo and Khaled, the lead part in this commercial.'”

“Like sports, music is something that brings people together,” Lopez tells Rolling Stone. “There are few brands as synonymous with music as Hard Rock. I’m excited for the world to see our fun spot tomorrow popping off just before halftime show on the world’s biggest stage.”

Lopez will perform at the Super Bowl halftime show with Shakira and other special guests. In an interview with ABC News on their performance, the two superstars couldn’t give much details, but Lopez was happy to offer some hints: “We accomplished what we set out to do, and for that, we’re really excited for everybody to see it. Because it’s gonna be a lot of fun.” Shakira referred to it as “an all-inclusive party that includes all cultures and diversity.”

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