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How to Write Hotel Reviews
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Hotel reviews can be extremely to helpful others who want to make well-informed travel decisions in regards to their lodging accommodations. Whether you had the best hotel stay of your life or your experience was lacking, including the most relevant information can help travelers make the right choice. Start by giving an overview of your stay and providing context on your trip. Then, jump into any details you want other travelers to know about. Finally, always remember to keep your review fair and truthful.

Method 1

Covering the Basics

1 Start with an overview of your experience.

People who read your review will see a review title and maybe the first line of your review. State if you had a positive, neutral, or negative experience, or highlight a particularly notable detail.[1]

Also give a numeric or star rating if the review site has the option.
Keep in mind that your reader might only look at the title and rating of your review, so make sure it gives a good overview.

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2  Include photographs if the review site allows it.

Adding photographs to your review will catch readers' eyes and help them visualize your experience. Use photos that demonstrate the experience you are writing about. For example, if you had a great breakfast every morning, post a photo that shows how delicious it was.[2]

Try to include photos that show information that isn't available on the hotel website.

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3 Introduce yourself, the purpose of your trip, and when you visited the hotel.

Give your readers some context about who you are and why you visited the hotel. Was it a family vacation? A romantic getaway? Were you traveling for business? What time of year was it? Did you spend a holiday at the hotel? Travelers who are thinking about taking a similar trip will find the information especially helpful.[3]

The most trustworthy source of information about hotels is word-of-mouth. Make sure your review is personal so that readers know it is coming from a real person.[4]

Keep your review recent. The most relevant reviews will be up-to-date with information from a recent stay.

4 Talk about anything that stood out to you during your stay.

Maybe you slept on the most comfortable bed or had a fantastic bathroom. Or maybe the standout of your stay was excellent service staff. Whatever stood out most to you, make sure that you include the highlights in your review.[5]

If you had a negative experience, share some details about what you didn't like.

Method 2 Writing about Your Room and Experience

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1 Give specific details about your room.

Tell you readers what kind of room you stayed in and describe what it was like: how big was the bed, what kind of amenities were available, what was the bathroom like? This can be helpful for someone trying to decide which room to book.[6]

It can be hard to tell how big rooms are from website photos, so talk about if you had enough space or if things were a little cramped.

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2  Describe the hotel's surroundings

Someone who is deciding whether or not to book a hotel will want to know what there is to do. Talk about some of the activities you participated on your trip, whether there were good restaurants and shopping around, or if the hotel was surrounded by pristine nature and outdoor adventures.[7]

Be sure to note if the hotel is actually near any sites that the hotel advertises. For example, if a Paris hotel claims to be steps away from the Eiffel tower, readers will want to know if you actually had to take a 20 minute bus ride to get there!

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3 Share your experience with the amenities.

Amenities can make or break a hotel stay, so be sure to touch on if the hotel went above and beyond or if they were lacking. Tell if the pool was really as big as it appeared in the photographs, write about if the bed was comfortable or if you felt like you were sleeping on thin mattresses, or mention the quality of the television set and the cable options available.[8]

Make sure to include any details that weren't listed on the website.

4 Discuss the services offered by the property.

If the hotel offers dining or spa services, talk about your experiences with those services. Also talk about how your interactions were with the concierge and if the housekeeping staff got your room sparkling clean.[9]

You can also comment on you interactions with staff members.

Method 3 - Keeping Your Review Balanced

1 Keep your tone professional and descriptive.

Be concise and descriptive with your review, and focus on giving helpful details. Even if you had a negative experience, try not to rant. Instead, give advice to the travelers such as details that you wish you would have known before you went on the trip.[10]
Use proper spelling and grammar to give your review more credibility.

2  Focus on the big picture.

A small error such as forgetting to bring new shampoo and conditioner can be forgivable if your overall experience was wonderful. Write to the overall stay, and don't get hung up on minor details.[11]

Readers might want to know about the little details, but don't dedicate the majority of your review to them.

3 Keep in mind that a review is based on your personal experience.

Clarify that you are writing only based on what happened to you. Maybe you had a positive interaction with a staff member because you were very polite. Or, perhaps, an interaction went poorly because it was late at night and a staff member was tired.[12]
Remember that real people are on the other side of your experience. Showing a little bit of understanding can help a negative review from becoming a rant.

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