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Travellers have rated Greek hotels as the best in the world for quality and services with Greece holding the first position on the Global Review Index (GRI) for 2019, outscoring its rivals with a rating of 87.1 percent.

According to data released this week by the Greek Tourism Confederation’s (SETE) intelligence body, INSETE, second with a score of 85.5 percent was Croatia, Cyprus with 85.3 percent, Spain (85.0 percent), Italy (84.2 percent), Turkey (82.3 percent), and France (79.0 percent).

Top-quality and services at hotels in the Epirus region, mainland Greece, won over travelers garnering a GRI score of 91.0 percent – the highest – followed by the Cyclades islands with a 90.5 percent rating.

The country’s 5-star hotels received the highest scores at 89.7 percent, followed by 4-star units (87.1 percent), and 3-star facilities (86.6 percent).

Greece’s GRI scores throughout 2019 ranged from 86.3 percent (May) to the highest 87.9 in June outscoring its competitors all year long.

Overall for 2019, Greek hotels were credited for their cleanliness, food and drink, location, service, quality-value, room, and entertainment receiving an overall score of 87.1 percent in all indexes.

For cleanliness, Greek hotels received a rating of 90.3 percent, followed by Cyprus (89.3 percent), and Italy (89.1 percent).

Greek hotels came second for food and drink, with a score of 83.9 percent after Cyprus with 86.8 percent.

Greece holds the first position for service at 88.8 percent; third for quality-value with 84.4 percent; and second for the rooms with 83.6 percent.

Greek hotels’ lowest score was for entertainment at 77.6 percent compared to Turkey, which holds a rating of 83.6 percent.

Established by ReviewPro, the GRI is an industry-standard online reputation score used by hotels worldwide as a benchmark for reputation management. The score is based on review data collected from 175 online travel agencies (OTAs) and review sites in more than 45+ languages.

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