February 2020 Hotel Openings: North America Takes The Lead Once Again [Infographic]

Courtesy: Juliana Hahn | News Source: tophotel.news

168 new hotels are launching the world over and North America is once again the region with the most openings.

February is looking good for the global hotel industry, with 168 new hotels ready to go live and add 39,924 rooms to the global hotel market.

We find out which regions are charging ahead, and which brands are making it happen.

February openings by region

As in recent months, North America leads the pack with 61 openings and 11,481 additional rooms on the hotel market.

Europe and the Asia Pacific follow with 48 hotels and 6,490 rooms and 42 new hotels with 13,946 rooms respectively. This shows that on average the properties set to launch in the APAC region are significantly larger than those in Europe.

The Middle East comes in a distant 4th place with 11 properties and 6,627 rooms. Again, it is interesting to see that these 11 properties bring roughly the same number of rooms as Europe’s 48 openings.

Africa and Latin America close out the list with 4 and 2 hotel launches respectively.

February’s fastest-growing national hotel markets

With North America taking the lead in terms of hotel openings in February, it is unsurprising that the USA will see the largest number of openings at 49 hotels with 9,012 rooms.

China follows in a very distant second place with 12 anticipated openings and 3,606 rooms, just ahead of Germany with 11 hotels and 1,226 rooms.

The UK and Australia complete the top 5 with 8 and 7 new properties each.

Busy cities in February

Again, the top two spots are taken by North America, namely by Austin with 4 new hotels and Orland with 3.

Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia will see 3 openings as well, while Algiers and Doha each have 2.

Austin did take the lead in terms of individual properties launching, but Algiers is way ahead in terms of room count, boasting 849 new rooms vs. Austin’s 661.

Top hotel brands in February 2020

Hilton and Marriott share this title for the month of February since their brands fill the list of the top 5 brands with the most openings.

Home2 Suites by Hilton takes the lead with 11 projects and 1,217 rooms. Hilton Hotels & Resorts, DoubleTree by Hilton and Marriott’s Autograph Collection each get 4 openings.

Note that with the same number of launches, Hilton Hotels & Resorts is adding almost three times as many rooms as the Autograph Collection.

Finally, Courtyard by Marriott will see 3 new hotels open, adding 838 rooms to its portfolio.

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