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Expert’s Voice: What luxury hotels need to know about in-room products
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Cristiano Galli Zugaro, CEO of hospitality supplies designer and manufacturer Italtrim, offers luxury hotels an insight into the process of sourcing premium in-room products.

What’s the most important thing that luxury hotels need to consider when procuring in-room products?

Quality accessories that will stand out when the clients enter the room.

What did you learn about sourcing high-end in-room products from your experience of developing, owning and managing your own luxury resort, Moofushi in the Maldives, for nearly 20 years?

You need to decor a hotel room the way you would decor your own room, with style and good taste providing little unique details….details that should fit the location and the spirit of the hotel-resort.

What in-room products does Italtrim, and its own brand TerraMater, offer luxury hotels?

We offer all accessory items that are not pieces of furniture. Everything you can find around the room and inside the closet.

What characteristics do your in-room Friulane slippers and accompanying shoe bags have that make them stand out from the competition?

They are trademarked and patented by us. They have an incredible quality and they recall a traditional shoe of the people of Venezia; the original model is a closed shoe made in velvet with the same sole stitching and shape as ours. These slippers are comfortable and give a sense of great luxury.

How do your Friulane slippers destined for luxury hotel suites, and rooms of a similar level, differ from those earmarked for standard rooms?

We have defined two levels of Friulane. The ones made in canvas with an embroidered logo (and also the canvas bag with embroidered logo) and rubber sole all stitched by hand….these ones are for suites and higher. For standard rooms, we have the same slippers with the same shape, but instead of having canvas we have printed (to a design made for the client) polyester quilted with a woven label stitched on the side. The sole is not stitched and the bag is a simple net bag with a ribbon of the same colour and pattern as the slipper. The top slipper costs around US$33 – 36 a pair and the lower one from US$3.50 – 4.30.

What different types of in-room hangers do you offer luxury hotels?

We are very creative here – it depends on the budget. Coloured wood and velvet with any metal finishing, leather covered with nice stitching, metal, acrylic, etc.

Why should luxury hotels choose your porcelain kettles for in-room settings?

They’re a new idea, a novelty – something that matches the porcelain cups.

To what extent do you allow luxury hotels to customise in-room products to incorporate their own branding?

The clients are the owners of their destiny. We can do anything they want, but if there’s special tooling involved to make it, the cost will rise.

What would be your advice to luxury hotels looking to outsource their in-room requirement?

Simply to call us if they are really a potential five-star superior hotel willing to do an outstanding project.

For more information about the company and its products, check out the Italtrim website.

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