Eight Things You Should Expect In A Luxury Hotel

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There's absolutely nothing wrong with someone enjoying the great comforts in life. If they work hard and manages their finances properly, they certainly have the right to spoil themselves a little bit on occasion. If they don't, they might be missing out on some of the great experiences in life.

Let's assume you've been working hard enough to save money for a nice vacation. Let's further assume you have decided to step everything up a notch and treat yourself to chance of a lifetime experience. As part of that decision, you booked yourself into a luxury accommodations. If you aren't used to living like the rich and famous, you might miss out on getting that for which going to pay. To help you ensure your luxury accommodations are indeed luxurious, here's 8 things you should expect from your hotel.

1. Premium personalized service

If you have made the decision to pay for first-class service, that's what your are entitled to get. In top rated hotels, the staff is trained to give you personalized service. They'll know you by name, know some if not all of your preferences and will go out of their way to make sure you feel special.

2. Access to secure storage

People who travel and use luxury accommodations will typically travel with important assets, expensive clothing and premium jewelry. Luxury hotels are aware of this and will make sure guests have access to safes and secure storage facilities.

3. Free internet access

It's mind-boggling to realize a lot of hotels still charge for internet access. If your luxury accommodations don't come with free wifi, they aren't luxury accommodations.

4. Branded plush bath robes

It might seem a bit cliche, but elite hotels really do provide guests will exquisite branded plush bath robes for use in the room, spa and pool area. In many cases, the robes are coveted and available for purchase.

5. 24/7 room service

People with money don't tend to live by the same rules as the average individual. They also tend to keep strange schedules. For that reason, hotels for the rich and famous usually keep room service going 24/7.

6. Luxury furniture and bedding

When you walk into a luxury hotel room, the first things you will see will be a sitting area followed by the sleeping area or a separate bedroom. In the sitting area, you should see plush, comfortable furniture and access to entertainment (music/TV). In the bedroom, you should see the finest mattress and bedding you have ever seen in your life.

7. Personal butler/maid service

At the high end of the luxury hotel community are the very finest hotels and resorts. If you are headed to one of these types of accommodations, you might be given access to a butler or maid whose job it is to serve your every want/need.

8. Premium location

The location of your luxury hotel should matter. You should expect to have wonderful views (oceans, mountains, city lights) and access to the best restaurants and entertainment venues the region has to offer.

To ensure you get the luxury experience you expect, you should check with the booking agent to confirm the services and amenities you'll get. If you don't hear mention of items on this list, you should keep looking.

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