Dubai Is Named The World'S Third Most Instagrammable Destination

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We do love our city…

From the world’s tallest building to the world’s only seven-star, sail-shaped hotel and where luxurious beaches meet a concrete jungle, it’s no secret that Dubai is a dream for many a photographer – professional or amateur.

And now, Dubai has been officially recognised for its undeniable aesthetics, as a new study has named it the world’s third most ‘Instagrammable’ destination. Factors that won it the coveted position included overall looks, popularity on social media, cool landmarks, bars and restaurants.

The study, named ‘The 50 Most Instagrammable Place in the World 2020’, was conducted by global travel site, Big 7 Travel. The results were garnered from analysis of hastags on social media of each destination, audience survey results and votes cast by Big 7 Travel’s global team.

Of Dubai, Big 7 Travel said, “The high-flying city of the U.A.E, Dubai is one of the most glamourous destinations you’ll ever visit. It’s also particularly popular with Big 7 readers. Burj Khalifa, an 830m-tall tower, dominates the skyscraper-filled skyline while traditional souks provide colourful photo opportunities.”

The continued, “Your Insta feed will be full of rooftop lounges, luxury hotels and sunset sand buggying in the desert.”

Here’s which cities the study named in the top ten:

1. Sydney, Australia
2. Hong Kong, China
3. Dubai, UAE
4. New York City, USA
5. Singapore,
6. Tokyo, Japan
7. Lisbon, Portugal
8. Bali, Indonesia
9. London, UK
10. Jaipur, India

We’ve got hundreds of photos of Dubai on our phone, but we might just go and take some more now…

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