Bettors At Tiverton Casino Hotel Hope To Win Big On Super Bowl

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Some liked the 49ers to prevail, while others are keen on the Chiefs. But they all put their money down.

TIVERTON — The line was consistently steady Sunday afternoon at Tiverton Casino Hotel as people waited to place sports bets.

Rosa Figueiredo and Bob Carr were behind about 12 people in line. As they waited, the Massachusetts residents were briefed by a man in a grey suit — who appeared to be a Tiverton Casino Hotel employee — on the types of bets they could place. She seemed to listen as the man explained money-line bets, but even it Figueiredo was weighing her betting options at the time, she was quick to say which team she was putting her money on to win Super Bowl LIV, which pit the Kansas City Chiefs against the San Francisco 49ers.

“They’re a tough team,” she said of her pick, the Chiefs. “I watched them play all year.” When it comes to sports bets, Carr was rooting for Kansas City, too, though was quick to lament the fall of his New England football favorite, his “beloved Patriots.”

Robert Stevens, also a Massachusetts resident, put $1,000 down on a Chiefs victory.

Brandon Pina of Massachusetts also bet on Kansas City. “I like [Chiefs quarterback] Pat Mahomes,” Pina said when asked why he chose the Chiefs.

A few wooden desks were clustered in the sports betting corner of the casino. It appeared to be an area favored by horse race bettors. Russell Winslow of Massachusetts sat at one of the desks and recalled past wagers on horse races at the Newport Jai Alai fronton (which eventually became the Newport Grand until it shuttered in 2018). But on Sunday, he was sure to stake a claim in football, too.

Winslow’s pick was the San Francisco 49ers. “Good, I’m glad,” he said with a smile when a reporter told him other people The Daily News spoke with Sunday had picked the Kansas City Chiefs to take the win. “I don’t think Kansas City will be able to run the ball,” Winslow said.

Nicolas Pedsonis of Middletown sat in a chair close to Winslow. He chose the 49ers as well. “I love [49ers Quarterback Jimmy] Garoppolo,” Pedsonis said. “He’s the best.”

Tom Arruda of Massachusetts also selected the 49ers. “Defense,” he offered as his reasoning as he hurried away from the sportsbook section into another area of the casino.

Robin Neves of Massachusetts bet on the Chiefs, but she made clear she’s a die-hard Patriots fan. Neves wasn’t keen on the 49ers franchise racking up another championship (they’re at five now, and a win Sunday would tie the team with the New England Patriots for Super Bowl wins).

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