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Best Travel Bloggers in Kenya
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CTM has been keeping tabs with Kenya’s best travel bloggers for a while now, and we continue to do so.  They are a major source of inspiration as they take you to wonderful destinations and unclothe the secret beauty of these places through their stories and photographs. They have won praises for placing Kenya on the spot as one of the best travel destinations in the world. Read on and follow their sites to share in their awesome travel experiences.

Wangechi has managed to break the stereotype about women not being as adventurous as men. She stopped dreaming and started travelling. She sets out to her destinations with specific goals in mind; to inspire others to travel the continent, to tell the true story about our continent and to provide travel information to aspiring travellers.

Wangechi tells compelling stories of her trips to top Kenyan destinations. Among them include the Maasai Mara national Reserve where she has born witness to the 8th wonder of the world- the great wildebeest migration. Other places she has visited and documented about include Lake Turkana for the Marsabit Lake Turkana Festival and Loiyangalani for the Backpacking Northern Kenya trip among others. Follow this her at  to  share in her experiences.

Sylvia Wanjiku – Kenyan travel blogger

Her blogs ooze energy and life as she narrates about her globetrotting experiences. Her fascinating accounts feature useful information such as hotel & restaurant reviews, popular destinations and travellers’ guide and tips.  Sylvia’s had an experience with rhinos at The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Nairobi, Kenya, a date with wildebeests at Maasai Mara National Park and a coffee date at the Fairview Coffee Estate Kiambu among others. She has traversed the United Kingdom and sampled hotel menus and restaurants.Sylvia has put down helpful reviews for all those looking to spread their wings further. Follow Sylvia at and share in her experiences. For cake enthusiasts travelling to the UK, the Birmingham Cake Expo  is a tour worth taking.

Mwangi  Kirubi AKA Mwarv

Mwangi’s journeys prove that indeed Africa is a very blessed continent. This blogger manages to unravel the underlying beauty of common Kenyan destinations. Popular accounts by the blogger include Welcome to Dandora, Paradise Lost in Kiambu and SGR Nairobi- Mombasa Test Ride, among others. The blogger also provides information to photographers and video producers about what it takes to produce in Kenya. Mwangi shares with us a firsthand experience about the eccentric beautiful destinations in Kenya and Africa. His photography blog has been nominated for the photography blog of the year category at this year’s Blog Awards. Tag along his journeys at and see the world in different eyes.

The Treasures

The Treasures tells the story of Kenya’s 50 biggest attractions, hence the name 50 Treasures of Kenya. In case you are wondering where your next holiday trip will be then this blog is a great place to start. With striking photos they have documented their travel experiences from the Cradle of Mankind to attractions in Mombasa, South Rift and Nyanza among many other places.

Cathy – The adventures of cathy

Her style is simplicity and elegance as seen on her blog The Adventures of Cathy. She provides the average Kenyan with all the information they need to know about major destinations. From her blog you will find out that travel and tourism is not for the blue blooded members of society. She encourages African travellers to rise above common challenges and to be fearless in pursuit of the desires of their hearts.

Hapreets- Wonderlust

Hapreet has an insatiable thirst for new adventures, and this has taken her to some incredible places on the planet. It is just a bit baffling how she manages to juggle law and safaris. By day she is a corporate lawyer in Nairobi and an adventurous traveller by night.

Her blog provides information on various destinations in Kenya, Italy, Cambodia, India, Mexico and Egypt among others. Her site will captivate you with stunning art and a laid back style of narration She tells us why the Middle East is considered to be among the most beautiful destinations of the world.  She talks of historical bazaars, intriguing forts, tranquil desserts, and a buzzing nightlife. There is a deep history tying business tourism in the Middle East. Follow this link to find out what the Middle East has to offer. Hapreet has been nominated for this year’s BAKE Awards in Kenya.

Caroline- My Global Attitude

When she isn’t crunching numbers she is busy trotting the globe and blogging about it. Inspired by her love for nature, Caroline through her blog My Global Attitude brings to our desktops experiences from distant lands. She also likes to interact with people of different cultures. Popular places she’s travelled to include the Grand Palace in Bangkok, Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden in Cape Town, destinations in Malaysia and Nairobi among others.

The above mentioned are just a few of the best known travel bloggers in Kenya. If there is any travel blogger left out and you think they ought to be in the list, kindly share their links in the comment section below so that we can learn about them.

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