Austrade Issues Coronavirus Warning For Hoteliers

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Tourism Australia and Austrade have just issued two fact sheets providing specific advice to manage concerns over the Coronavirus outbreak, especially as it relates to visitors arriving from China or more specifically, the Wuhan / Hubei region.

The sheets – one intended for hoteliers to distribute among staff and a second for distribution to guests both in-house and those about to check-in – detail preventative action that should be taken and restrictions that now apply to anybody who has been in the primary affected areas in the past 14 days. The documents will also provide guidance for hotel staff engaging with guests who have opted to isolate themselves for the 14-day incubation period.

To access the sheet and resources aimed at Hoteliers – CLICK HERE.

To access the sheet and resources aimed at hotel guests – CLICK HERE.

The documents come following comments from Australia’s Chief Medical Officer providing further information on what to do if any guests present to hotels either showing signs of respiratory illness or advising they may have recently visited the affected Wuhan region.

Face masks are a common sight in public areas around Australia at the moment.

Tourism Australia says that is regards the restrictions as “highly precautionary” and that the vast majority of people who present as well are unlikely to be infected.

The organisation has provided phone numbers for respective state and territory public health authorities which can be used by any hotelier or staff member seeking more information:

ACT – call (02) 5124 9213 during business hours or (02) 9962 4155 after hours

NSW – call 1300 066 055

NT – call (08) 8922 8044

Qld – call 13HEALTH (13 43 25 84)

SA – call 1300 232 272

Tas – call 1800 671 738

Vic – call 1300 651 160

WA – call 08 9328 0553

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