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7 Best Canadian Travel Bloggers
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Littered with stories of people quitting their jobs and packing up to travel, these seven travel blogs have us wishing we could do the same. Even if that’s not exactly your cup of tea, the adventurous stories and seriously inspiring photos from some of the best Canadian travel bloggers are sure to provide you with minutes or even hours of escaping from your world into theirs. Sit back, relax, and start dreaming of your next voyage (and we apologize if you get addicted).

Breathe Dream Go
The Rocky Mountains, Alberta, Canada. Photo Credit: digitaldust via Compfight cc

Mariellen Ward melds travel with spirituality in her award-winning blog, Breathe Dream Go. She chronicles her adventures and shares, as she puts it, “tales of travel and transformation.” Focused on travelling India and female solo travel, her posts cover topics like safe travel, packing tips, conscious eating, and personal journeys. We love Mariellen’s inspirational posts on topics like appreciating silence and women explorers. Based in Toronto (and sometimes Delhi), Mariellen founded Breathe Dream Go in 2009.

What’s next? I am going on a road trip to Atlantic Canada this summer as part of The Ripple Movement. It’s a collaborative blogging project and I am one of only three Canadians involved. – Mariellen

The Barefoot Nomad

New Zealand Field and Mountains, photo courtesy of The Barefoot Nomad

Reading Charles and Micki’s stories on The Barefoot Nomad makes us want to travel the world – and teaches us that it isn’t as hard as we think. They have been travelling since 2003, first as a couple and then as a family of four. The blog reads like a pretty magazine. The Travel Blogs and Travel Photos section has us dreaming of different destinations while the Travel Tips and Travel Tech sections provide useful information on things like airfare, budgeting, family travel, insurance, apps, books, and gear.

What’s next? Our next adventure is in the interior of British Columbia this summer. We’ll be searching for legendary Okanagan Lake Monster Ogopogo, hiking the beautiful trails, and searching for hidden hot springs. – Micki

Hike Bike Travel

Cycling the road to Lake Minnewanka in Banff National Park, photo courtesy of

For the outdoorsy person, Hike Bike Travel is the blog to get you wanting to throw on your runners and hit the road. Leigh, author of Discover Canada: 100 Inspiring Outdoor Adventures, and former geologist and dietitian, takes us through beautiful scenery around the world and exciting activities like kayaking and skiing.  Many of her tales are focused on Canada, while others give us the low down on amazing natural gems and outdoor activities around the world.

What’s next: Next exotic trip – Turkey for 2 weeks in October but almost every weekend and many weeks between now and mid-September I will be looking for adventure – from Saskatchewan to Banff National Park to Milk River canoeing in Alberta to two weeks kayaking/canoeing in Algonquin Park and Killarney Park to biking in the Kawarthas to hiking in Glacier National Park. -Leigh

Brendan’s Adventures

This guy was making reed souvenirs by hand at the pier. Photo courtesy of Brendan's Adventures

Brendan van Son is from small town Rocky Mountain House and has visited 80 countries as a travel photographer and journalist. His pragmatic travel guides suit a backpacker on a budget and are a reflection of his personal travels. They include free or cheap attractions, hostels, and affordable places to eat. His blog also features destination videos to support travel guides or share tips like photographing people. He even hosts travel photography tours and workshops where people can book tours with like-minded photographers (you don’t need to be professional) and explore amazing places with a camera in hand and mentor by your side.

What’s next? You’ll find me next in Bolivia.  I’m headed into the Amazon hoping to find jaguars.  I’ve spent over 2 years in South America, and haven’t been into the Bolivian rain forest, so it should be a fun adventure. Plans? I’m a professional nomad.  My current plans are to make it through the month without going completely broke! – Brendan

Ways of Wanderers
Jessica, photo courtesy of Ways of Wanderers

Jessica has been travelling the world since 2011, often with her partner Brent, though she makes time to travel alone as well. Her blog, Ways of Wanderers, focuses on getting immersed in local culture without dwelling on tourist attractions.  She initially found work and volunteer opportunities abroad before focusing on writing. She shares her travel musings, photography, tips, and experiences from her own time in Europe and Asia. Her philosophy? Travel slow and stay in each country for months at a time. Sounds like a good plan to me.

What’s next? My next trip is to Isla Mujeres in June, and I also have a lot more travels through other areas of Mexico as well as the Caribbean coming up over the summer. – Jessica

Man on the Lam
Grootbos Private Nature Reserve, photo courtesy of Man on the Lam

Man on the Lam has been Raymond’s escape from the corporate world since 2011. His quirky posts and conversational writing style highlight unconventional travel topics, like deconstructing fake travel quotes, why Kuching, Malaysia is known as the cat city, and a macabre guide to Paris. He provides an entertaining and honest perspective into the strange world for those who want to travel or just want a quick read to escape their routine.

What’s next? I’m heading to Malaysia next week and then Thailand the following week. -Raymond

Hecktic Travels

The Albanian Riviera, photo courtesy of Hecktic Travels

In 2009, Dalene and Pete quit their corporate jobs and sold everything to travel the world. Their writing style is just as romantic, describing incredible destinations like Girona, Spain, The Albanian Riviera, and Prague. They seduce us with both their words and even more so with their photos. Photography is their passion and their breathtaking snapshots and series of postcards, videos, and essays certainly don’t disappoint. They also teach about how to travel long term with a focus on house-sitting, one of their favourite methods of travel.

What’s next? We’re about to embark on trips through Namibia, Kenya and Tanzania so we are very excited! After that we are taking a two month housesitting job in New Zealand. Also exciting. – Dalene

Which other Canadian travel bloggers do you enjoy? Comment below!

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