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6 Expat Travel Bloggers Based In Saudi Arabia That Are Presenting The Country In A New Light
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There are many preconceived notions and stereotypes associated with Saudi Arabia, however, many of them are not true.

Luckily, there are many expats who live in Saudi and blog about it giving some insider info that is not known by many living abroad. Some of these bloggers travel and have interesting things to say not only about the places they travel to but also about the country in general. Here are some of the most popular ones.
Bring the Kids

The American family has traveled around Saudi Arabia and documents it beautifully. From places to see around the country to classical Arabian hospitality, their travel experiences make for a great read. They have left Saudi Arabia after spending 3 and a half years in the country, however, their blog does contain vital info for those looking to travel around with their families.

Blue Abaya

She is perhaps the most popular of all expat travel bloggers in Saudi Arabia. Originally from Finland, her travels around Saudi have brought light on some of the least explored places. The photos she posts are incredible as well.

Margo Catts

The writing in this blog is spot on as the author of the blog is a professional writer. She travels more or less around Riyadh, so if you are planning to visit the capital anytime soon a quick run over her website would do you good.

The Pink Tarha

Run by a group of Filipino ladies, The Pink Tarha is one the best insider guides of Riyadh. From places to eat to things to do, every visitor to Riyadh will find loads of essential info on the city. They have traveled quite a lot around the country as well, including some places that are rarely visited by tourists.

Kiwi Living In Saudi

The New Zealander has been living in Saudi for around eight years now and like most of the other bloggers on this list even she is based in Riyadh. But her blog is more of like a diary from her own life rather than a traveler’s guide.

Susie of Arabia

Susie Khalil is one of the first on the local English blogging scene. She is a former travel industry professional so expect some good insights here. However, her blog is not limited to travel as it covers pretty much anything that would be of interest to English-speaking expats and Saudis alike for that matter.

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