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11 Canadian travel bloggers sure to inspire
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If you think following your travel dreams is impossible, then you haven’t checked out these eleven Canadian bloggers. They’ve travelled the country, and the world. What’s more, they’ve chronicled all of it for your inspiration.

Nora Dunn

Canadian travel blogger and former CFP Nora Dunn kicked her corporate life to the curb a number of years ago to travel full time in a financially sustainable manner. Her blog, The Professional Hobo, details her cultural and travel writing adventures in a way that is simultaneously transparent and inspirational. That’s right. She keeps it real.

Evelyn Hannon

From kicking it with grandchildren to strolling solo in some of the more sought-after destinations in the world, travelling granny Evelyn Hannon shares her tips and tricks for women’s excursions on her web site, Journey Woman. From dining alone and still feeling secure to washing dishes with a bandana, Hannon dishes on the details that female travelers need to know.

Dian Emery

The driving force behind Girl’s Getaway, Dian blogs about domestic and international destination getaways women can take with their best girl buds. From camping in Shenandoah National Park to swimming with the sea lions in Mexico, Dian and her writers explore vacation options with an eye towards what their readers are looking for.

Corbin Fraser

Founder of I Backpack Canada, Corbin Fraser writes about destinations, activities and adventures from the perspective of an independent backpacker travelling throughout the country. Insider travel tips, inspiring videos and more can be found on his Canada-specific travel blog.

Mariellen Ward

Editor and owner of Breathe Dream Go, Mariellen focuses on travel that inspires. Just as her inspirational trip to India changed her forever, she strives to include articles on destinations, sights and experiences that stretch your perceptions and expose you to new ideas.

Janice Waugh

If you’ve ever wanted to just pack a bag and go on a trip by yourself, then reading Janice Waugh’s work over at Solo Traveler Blog is a great way to get inspired. Waugh also speaks publicly to groups interested in long-term travel, for those interested in a more consultative experience.

Dalene and Peter Heck

Founders of Hecktic Travels, this Canadian couple chronicles their full –time travel experiences which began in 2009. After selling everything they owned, they hit the road. Being together 24-7 for several years straight is a great litmus test for any relationship. It’s one they’ve clearly survived, because their adventures continue.

Ayngelina Brogan

A Canadian woman who dances to her own drummer, Ayngelina founded the food, photography and travel blog, Bacon is Magic. It chronicles her experiences in a variety of countries around the world. Being a food fan, this blog has caught my attention in particular.

Matt Gibson

Gibson’s self-titled travel blog features adventure travel articles from around the world. From Borneo to Taiwan and Spain to Sweden, Matt Gibson covers everything from the traditional to the quirky. He’s great inspiration if you’re trying to break out of your travel rut. I know I packed a couple of more boxes after clicking through just a few pages of his site.

Dave Bouskill and Deb Corbeil

The founders of The Planet D, aka Canada’s Adventure Couple, Dave Bouskill and Deb Corbeil have been traveling together nonstop for the past 11 years. From Antarctica to Africa, they dish on their travel experiences, keeping it real for the readers as to what you can expect when traveling long term as a couple.

Cailin O’Neil

Canadian travel enthusiast Cailin O’Neil documents her vacation adventures both in writing and video on her blog Travel Yourself. From Spain’s tomato festival to the Australian Outback, O’Neil inspires others to pack a bag and hit the road.

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